The association

In the golf Club Petersberg are max. 460 members (400 well-arranged members and, in addition, max. 60 youth members intended). To the beginning of the year in 2006 404 members are enrolled in the Peter's mountain GC. The yearly subscription for 2007 amounts to 1,245.00 € (625.00 € for youngsters till 18 years and students till 25 years) including the deliveries for the Italian gulf federation (FIG).

The terms of admission are fixed as follows:

  1. Admission request to him
  2. Acceptance of the admission request by the board of directors
  3. Payment of the membership fee
  4. Registration in the member's book

Securities - obligations - risks:
The golf Club Petersberg has still no debts since the beginning. The risk of possible additional payments or more, otherwise financial obligations, are absolutely excluded for the members by the arrangements with the Weisshorn AG which are the owners of the golf course, because the whole investment risk and leadership risk is carried by the Weisshorn AG.

On week-ends mostly the tournaments take place. Besides guests are pretty welcome. The registration with information of the home club and the handicap must occur within 12.00 o'clock of the day before. The guests who would like to play beyond the tournament can start either in the morning before the tournament or in the afternoon after the tournament. Also can be begun on hole 10, because all tournaments on hole 1 begin.






min : 1
max: 15
min : -1
max: 15